LCN Crackle Effect Polish

LCN Crackles are conquering the Nail Art world. In no time a new kind of system magically performs a surprising effect on your nails. When the Crackle Finish polishes are applied you obtain an individual, exceptional combination with the previously selected polish base. As a result of the many colour variations the nails keep obtaining a new and attractive look.

In order to create the Crackling Effect, a base coat is applied to the nails followed by a thick coat of selected undertone. The amount of time it takes to dry to be factored in is four minutes. Afterwards Crackle Finish polish is applied. This is how the interesting rupture of the nail polish occurs. After two more minutes the nail art created this way is sealed with a top coat for a highly polished finish.

The Crackles are presented in the colour variations White Lightning, Black Friday, Blazing Yellow, Pink Hurricane, Cherry Cyclone, Teal Typhoon and Blue Storm in 8 ml each. Additionally you can obtain a display and a starter set.