Nespresso Gemini CS100

Have you ever thought about giving your clients more than just a haircut or new style? How about giving them a totally different experience…a nespresso experience! In today’s business-world, those that succeed do so because they are thinking about not only their client’s needs but about the total ambiance and environment experienced during their stay at the salon and/or spa. The salons and spas that go the extra-mile to ensure their client’s comforts will feel the success in their cheque-book at the end ofthe month; quality service is always rewarded. Time-and-time again it has been proven that clients go where they feel comfortable, taken care of and appreciated.The NESPRESSO GEMINI CS-100 will help you give your clients an entirely new experience based on european hospitality and appreciation. Treat them to a fresh cup of esspresso brewed from the finest beans in the world. Your investment will have your clients talking wonders about you…and your competitors will be in awe of your business savy. Right Now, enjoy the GEMINI CS-100 for only $1399. To learn more about other products visit “Nespresso Canada”.

Functionalities :– Semi-automatic insertion and ejection capsule system
– Three programmable cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo
– Digital multi-language display
– Collection container for used capsules (capacity for 30 capsules)
– Removable container of water with a capacity for 3 liters
– Outlet of hot water
– Comfort: Cup warming plt