Lisap Easy
Escalation Easy The first Ammonia free and the most copied professional hair color. Naturally! Escalation Easy is a delicate permanent coloring system, based on the HGL System, 100% AMMONIA FREE! Escalation Easy gives hair a splendid shine, covers white hair perfectly (100%) and lightens up to 4 shades & thanks to the innovative HGL SYSTEM, the hair's structure is more protected, healthier and naturally beautiful! Today, the ESCALATION EASY range has become even more prestigious and now includes 5 SUPER LIGHTENERS & 2 TONALISERS making a total of 7 NEW NUANCES!!! TREATS & COLORS in a single gesture; for the utmost in terms of results and hair protection! N° Nuances 67 Dilution: 1:1,5 - 1:2 (super lighteners & tonalizers) Format: Tube 60 ml