Why buy from SAMCO?

It’s a fair question…a question that you should ask as a responsible purchaser. Here are just a few reasons:

1) We are without-a-doubt one of the most eco-friendly beauty suppliers in the nation. We package all shipments from reusable materials that the airline industry discards. We have their excess cardboard and packaging materials shipped to us to be reused rather than end up in the landfills.

2) You can register on our website to view our current specials online to reduce paper consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.

3) We honor the full warranty of our products…other companies actually expect you to ship your defective products to the manufacturer which can be as far as China or even further even if the item has a 1 year warranty. At SAMCO, we are much more reasonable…we offer over-the-counter exchange/or repair for the full term of the warranty right here at our warehouse in BC. The sooner you are able to get back to work the happier you will be with SAMCO…common sense. Other distributors take a price break on products to reduce the term of the warranty…not here at SAMCO.

4) We can ship anywhere in the world using Canada Post.

5) We have furnished hundreds of Salons and Spas and we carry over 3000 different items!

6) We purchase from Canadian manufacturers as often as we can to support the Canadian economy and keep our people employed. Without a doubt, percentage wise, we purchase more from the national economy than any other distributor.

The list can go on and on but we hope that you will give us a chance to supply you with whatever you may need to help you stay a productive professional in this wonderful and creative industry of ours…


SAMCO Beauty Supplies Inc, founded by Sam Abou-Khazaal, is a beauty supply distribution company that places a high value on customer service. The founder of our company, Sam Abou-Khazaal, has been in the industry for over 23 years; his experience, know-how and drive are unrivalled. Sam Abou-Khazaal played an intricate role launching and establishing many major professional brands including but not limited to: FRAMESI, EUFORA, TIGI, Farouk USA, LISAP, LCN as well as SCHWARZKOPF.

SAMCO Beauty Supplies’ core individuals that are responsible for its everyday operations are composed of people whom have been well immersed in the beauty industry for many years. They are highly experienced in business administration, marketing and most importantly customer service.

Our distribution company is committed to providing quality, high-end lines in a service and quality oriented-manner. We are a showroom and warehouse operation with a focus on education. We believe that success is based upon our attitudes and personalities. Strong product lines are essential; however, holding all variables constant, service and quality will set us above the rest which is proven by our track record. We wish to be known for our prestige and trustworthy attitudes. We strive for our company to be respected in the industry by developing strong customer-client relations and thus earning loyalty. We enforce stringent work ethics within our infrastructure; welcoming new ideas as we believe adaptation is an essential quality to ensure long-term success.