Silk Touch

Unlike other similar products Silk Touch has absolutely no alcohol which is extremely harsh on the hair (Alcochol is used as a filler ingredient to make it look like you are receiving a lot of product when in fact the manufacturer is just using it to try and save on using high-grade ingredients which genrally … Read more


Retrohair takes pride in enhancing the quality of your hair and makes home styling easier. Retrohair products help you achieve great styling results and improve your hair’s overall condition. No matter what type of hair you have, Retrohair has the right product for you. To learn more please visit “Retrohair”.

NP Group

To learn more visit “NP“


“All products are prepared with natural, quality ingredients including essential oils and plant extracts to ensure the health and beauty of your hair. As always, the products don’t contain any contaminants that can be harmful to you, your hairdresser or the environment.” The LISAP collection of hair color and treatment products has been created using … Read more

Hot Tools

Meet the #1 brand of styling tools in the professional beauty industry – Hot Tools. See the Online Catalog for more information about each product. #1-selling Hot Tools® Curling Irons were the first irons in the industry to use an electronic heating system for fast heatup and heat restoration. This patented Pulse Auto Heat Control® … Read more

Global Salon & Spa

The Global Group’s origins date back to 1966, when it was founded with the basic objective of manufacturing well-made furniture at affordable prices. That mission continues today through a network of vertically integrated suppliers, manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Global offers a very broad range of salon and spa furniture designed to meet the needs of … Read more


Who is Dannyco: Dannyco is a Canadian national distributor of professional beauty and spa products. Unique Selling Point: Dannyco has exclusive rights to distribute well-known brands such as Babyliss Pro, Satin Smooth and more across Canada. Dannyco also owns and distributes respected brands such as Isinis, Avanti and Silkline.  All of Dannyco’s brands are trusted, … Read more


The unique hair loss formulas used in Bioscal® were developed and clinically tested at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Designed to improve the condition of hair, scalp and hair follicles, these products provide the basis for healthy, natural hair growth and thus for effective, unsurpassed treatment and prevention of hair loss. The original Bioscal® hair … Read more

Anthony Corporation

One of the biggest concerns among hair care professionals today is in choosing the safest and most effective shampoos and conditioners. As a hair care professional you realize that the products you choose must be 100% safe, effective, and non-irritating to a wide variety of clients with differing skin types, hair types, scalp conditions, and … Read more

Wahl Global

WAHL…yesterday 1911 The road which lead to the creation of the Wahl Clipper Corporation began when Sterling High School junior, Leo J. Wahl, experimented with a vibrating electromagnetic motor. Later as an engineering student at the University of Illinois, Leo Wahl designed a vibrating medical massager for his uncle J. Frank Wahl, who began manufacturing … Read more