Moor mud is a therapy quality peat ** – an organic substance, product of natural decomposition of multitudes of plants under special conditions. Unlike other mud used in the spa industry, Torf Moor Mud contains virtually no clay (less then 3%) and consists of organic residue of herbs, flowers and grasses. Over period of thousands … Read more


LCN: 25 years of Success!   In 1914, the Wilde family founded a dental company by the same name in the Rhinegau area of Germany. In the 1960s more than 500 employees produced synthetic products for dental prostheses.  Based on this experience and expertise, the founding idea for Wilde Cosmetics evolved. In 1985, Wilde Cosmetics … Read more


Essie Cosmetics provides beauty professionals with high quality nail polish in fashionable colors. To learn more visit “ESSIE”.


Who is Dannyco: Dannyco is a Canadian national distributor of professional beauty and spa products. Unique Selling Point: Dannyco has exclusive rights to distribute well-known brands such as Babyliss Pro, Satin Smooth and more across Canada. Dannyco also owns and distributes respected brands such as Isinis, Avanti and Silkline.  All of Dannyco’s brands are trusted, … Read more

Alliance Mercantile

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For over four decades, the Studex name has signified trust and safety in ear piercing around the world. With over 30 offices worldwide, Studex is recognized on six continets as the world’s largest manufacturer of ear piercing studs, instruments, and after care products. Studex ear piercing systems and hypoallergenic earrings are manufactured at our state … Read more


Nespresso offers your colleagues and clients a unique coffee experience, whatever your business. We reinvent the coffee break with our selection of high quality coffees, stylish business machines designed to create a consistently perfect cup of coffee and services customized to the specific needs of business customers. To learn more, visit “NESPRESSO”.